I’m back

Well, well, it’s been a while since I wrote something on this blog. What a stressful year 2015 was.. But it’s over soon and I have big plans for 2016. This blog and the whole “King Mo Solutions” thing is a part of this plans so there will be coming more soon. But telling that isn’t really the purpose of this post, I just had the urge to write this somehow :) anyways, here’s the real post:

Me and Magento

In the past (and currently) I was working with magento from time to time and therefor I dare to say that I’m¬†quite familiar with this e-commerce system by now. And I mean the development part not selling anything ūüėČ

Why am I telling you that?

Well,¬†the first thing I plan is to¬†put¬†some of the things I learned, especially about module development, in some blog posts. Maybe that’ll give someone some hints who is just starting and even if not I’ll have my own resource to find and look up things that have a hard time staying in my memory :)

The second thing is, this times I was working on magento stores and adding functionality for this and that resulted in some modules which I think could be useful to some other people also. And they were just lying around on my laptop so I thought, why not sell them?

You might say I’m greedy ’cause I’m not giving them away for free but hey, who doesn’t want his work to be valued somehow. Also I tried to keep the prices low. So, I needed a page for selling them ’cause I wanted a seperate page for this and here it is:


Not that beautiful I know but it’s enough for me for now :)

What modules are on this page?

For now there are three modules available to buy which I will describe shortly here and later on do an own blog post for each of them (will link them):

Manually Complete Orders

On the last shop I worked on one day we had a problem. Someone wanted to buy something but (don’t ask me why) canceled somewhere in the payment process. Now in the backend of Magento for this order there was the status “Pending Payment”. Wouldn’t be that much of a problem but you just couldn’t change the status in no way. The order was completed manually (offline) but in the backend it was stuck and not paid and that was something which bothered the one running the shop. Understandable in my opinion that’s somehow just dirty, for the lack of a better word right now.

Well, that’s how this module came to life. It simply adds a “Complete”-button for any order which enables you to set the order to complete and paid, so it will also fall into the statistics. It also adds a “Complete”-bulk action, so you can do this to multiple orders at once as well.

Price: 5‚ā¨

You can buy it here: http://magento-modules.king-mo.solutions/manually-complete-orders

Cookie Guest Wishlist

Pretty self explaining I guess. This module allows customers to use the built-in Magento wishlist without being logged-in. This works by setting a cookie containing the wishlist-id. If there is a customer who already created a wishlist when logged-in creates a “offline”-wishlist also they’ll get merged as soon as he logs in again.

Price: 25‚ā¨

You can buy it here: http://magento-modules.king-mo.solutions/cookie-guest-wishlist

Random Upsell Products

The problem here: Wanted to use the “Upsell” feature but soo many products. That’ll be quite some work assigning upsell products to all of¬†them manually.

The solution: Just let them be added randomly!

This module does exactly that. It automatically searches for products in the same category but with a higher price and shows them as the upsell products. If there are already upsell products assigned they will still be shown but until the limit is reached random products will be added. If not enough more expensive products are found it takes half the price and searches again to make sure the upsell limit will be reached.

Another feature here is that you can set that¬†upsell limit¬†which by default is set by the theme and can’t be changed in the backend.

It also adds a configuration to exclude specific categories as a search criteria. For example if you have set up brands as categories you might want to exclude that because a brand may include products from multiple (real) categories. Hope I got my point across.

Price: 25‚ā¨

You can buy it here: http://magento-modules.king-mo.solutions/random-upsell-products

That’s it for now

Maybe that’s useful for someone. If someone buys one of them I’d be glad to hear some feedback, maybe as a comment :)

If you have any problems with the download or the installation or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact me either with the contact form on this page or at magento-modules@king-mo.solutions¬†(makes it easier to seperate).

Also I’d be glad to hear from you¬†if you need some extended functionality or even a custom module developed!

Peace, Mo