What it does

This module automatically adds random upsell products to any product view. The upsell products are picked based on on the products categories and price. It also adds a configuration option for the upsell product limit. Specific categories can be excluded as a search criteria.

How it works

When a product page is loaded and random upsell products are activated the module first checks if there are manually assigned upsell products and if these reach the upsell product limit already. If not it checks the products categories and if some of them are excluded.

The categories left are the ones the upsell products will be picked from. Next it takes the shown products price and searches for products which are in the categories which are used and which have a higher price than the shown product.

If not enough products are found with this criteria it searches again but takes only half the price as minimum. This will be repeated until enough products are found (but max. 5 times). Then for the last step it randomly picks products from the found ones until it reaches the upsell product limit. These products will then be shown in the product view as upsell products.

How to get it and how much it costs

You can buy this module here:


Price: 25€


If you bought the module you’ll have the random-upsell-products.zip downloaded.

The zip contains a second module called ConfigTab. This is just for keeping configurations organized and prevent conflicts. Install this also for Random Upsell Products to work.

Now there are two ways to install the module:


Inside the zip file there is a folder ./app. The contents of this folder mirror exactly the paths were the module files should be copied to. Therefor you can simply copy this folder into the root folder of your Magento installation and all necessary files will be copied to the correct places.

In this case no extra installation for ConfigTag is needed.

Magento Connect Manager:

Beside the ./app folder there is also a file contained in the zip: KingMo_RandomUpsell-1.0.0.tgz (version number may change). This file you can upload to the Magento Connect Manager which can be found in the admin backend under “System” -> “Magento Connect”. Inside the Manager there is a section called “Direct package file upload”. Upload the .tgz file there and the module will be installed.

In this case please do the same with the KingMo_ConfigTab-1.0.0.tgz file!

If you have any problems

If you have any problems with the download or installation of this module please send me an email to magento-modules@king-mo.solutions.

If you need the modules functionality extended or even a custom module or anything contact me to, I’d be glad to hear from you!

Peace, Mo