What it does

This modules enables customers to use the Magento wishlist feature without having to be logged in. They are able to add and remove products just like when being logged in. The only feature which is disabled for guests is sharing the wishlist since I thought it wouldn’t be a good ideo letting anybody send emails via your shop. If a customer logs in the guest wishlist will be assigned to his account and if the account already has a wishlist they will be merged.

How it works

Every wishlist has an internal id assigned to it. Normally it also has a customer id assigned to it so Magento knows which wishlist to load when a customer is logged in. This module makes it possible to save wishlists without an assigned customer. The id of the wishlist will then be written into a cookie and saved in the guests browser. Therefor when a guest returns the id will be retrieved from the cookie and the corresponding wishlist will be loaded.

The module does not change anything in the look and feel of the wishlist it just determines when and how a wishlist will be loaded.

Now there could be the case that a customer has an account and already created a wishlist with this account but comes back as guest and creates another wishlist. In this case, as soon as he logs in again the module will compare both wishlists, add all products added as guest which aren’t already in the customers wishlist to it, delete the guest wishlist and set the cookie value to the customers wishlist id. Therefor from then on the customer always has the same wishlist either if he’s logged in or not.

How to get it and how much it costs

You can buy this module here:


Price: 25€


If you bought the module you’ll have the cookie-guest-wishlist.zip downloaded. Now there are two ways to install the module:


Inside the zip file there is a folder ./app. The contents of this folder mirror exactly the paths were the module files should be copied to. Therefor you can simply copy this folder into the root folder of your Magento installation and all necessary files will be copied to the correct places.

Magento Connect Manager:

Beside the ./app folder there is also a file contained in the zip: KingMo_CookieWishlist-1.0.0.tgz (version number may change). This file you can upload to the Magento Connect Manager which can be found in the admin backend under “System” -> “Magento Connect”. Inside the Manager there is a section called “Direct package file upload”. Upload the .tgz file there and the module will be installed.

If you have any problems

If you have any problems with the download or installation of this module please send me an email to magento-modules@king-mo.solutions.

If you need the modules functionality extended or even a custom module or anything contact me to, I’d be glad to hear from you!

Peace, Mo